Turmeric Powder

NB Corp. is a supplier and exporter of 100 percent organic and fresh turmeric powder. Tumeric powder just cannot be done without and that’s not limited to just Indian cuisines or even cooking for that matter. It is known for its immense health benefits such as antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. It is also considered instrumental in healing bruises and burns. At NB- the best exporter of organic turmeric powder we observe adequate care in picking turmeric of the highest degree of quality. Besides, the grinding is carried out using advanced cryogenic technology that helps preserve the pristine properties of raw turmeric. If you are looking for 100 percent pure turmeric powder with relishing qualities, your quest ends here. Touch base with team NB for an obligation-free quote now.

Product Name Turmeric
Moisture 7% Max
Curcumin Content 3-5% Max
Ash 6.5% Max
Ash Insoluble 1% Max
Chromate Test Negative
Particle Size 100% Pass Through 80 Mesh
Packing 25 kg or 50 kg HDPE or Paper bag
Shelf Life 2 Years if stored Properly