Hulled Sesame

Automatically machined processed hulled sesame seeds are measured as the most nutritious seeds due to its protein and important natural ingredients. The husk hull (skin) of these seeds are separated, hence are accepted as Hulled Sesame Seeds.

These hulled sesame seeds are uniformly bold in size, bright whiter in color and used in bakery and confectionery products.

The hulled sesame seeds are white in color much softer and better digestible that retains delicious characteristic of the natural seeds. Hulled sesame seeds enrich bakery confectionary products and are also the basis of the buttery sugary nutritious Tahini.

Our hulled sesame seeds are used in natural form and suitable to ass with various food items in Indian kitchens. The sesame seeds have multiple medicinal benefits too that makes them suitable to use for various ailments or treatments.

Product Specification
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Auto Dried Premium
Quality Premium Color Sortex
Purity 99.98 %
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Auto Dried Sami Premium
Quality Semi Premium Color Sortex
Purity 99.97 %
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Auto Dried Regular
Quality Regular Colour Sortex
Purity 99.95 %
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Auto Dried Regular
Quality Colour Sortex
Purity 99.90 %