Natural Sesame

Sesame Seeds are genuinely identified, universally accepted condiments, originally to Indian subcontinent and now fully grown over hot countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East. Sesame Seeds are used because of healthy in minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium and lots of advantageous characteristics.

Sesame is generally acknowledged as “TIL” in India and is considered as one of the multipurpose seed having incredible nutritional value that adds a crispy consciousness and an idiosyncratic fragrance to a range of food bits and pieces.

The natural sesame seeds products had plenty of health benefits that makes you overall healthy and fit. Also they are rich in essential nutrients and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin B1.

Product Specification
Natural White Sesame Seeds 99 /1 Quality Premium Color Sortex
Purity 99.95 % 99.90 %
F.F.A 1.5 %
Natural White Sesame Seeds 99/1 Purity 99.00 %
Natural Sesame Seeds 98/2 Purity 99.00 %