Black Sesame

Black sesame seeds are black in color and widely demanded by clients worldwide. As leading suppliers and exporters in India, we are selling black sesame seeds at industry leading prices.

Black sesame seed is an annual herb rick in iron, protein, vitamin, calcium and manganese. The seeds also have two rare amino acids that are not easily available in our daily diet. We can say black sesame seeds are single and whole source of health.

Black sesame seeds are nutrients rich and good source of concentrated calories. They are also taken as preferable source of proteins.

Black sesame seeds are minerals rich too and preferable dietary fiber item.

Admixture 1% Max (0.05%)
Purity 99% Max (99.95%)
Oil content 48% Min
FFA 2% Max
Moisture 6% Max
Salmonella Absent/25g
Pesticide Residues Within EU Regulations