Turmeric Finger

Tumeric finger is touted as the purest form of turmeric and used for adding fragrance, aroma, and flavor to a plethora of savory dishes. We offer organically procured turmeric fingers with all organic properties intact and offer this product containing antiseptic attributes. It is widely known for its healing properties and is hence used for healing wounds. Using turmeric in recommended amounts can take your cooking endeavors to an all-new level. Turmeric is also profusely used as a dye in the textile industry. At NB Corporation, we offer top-drawer and organic turmeric fingers of all grades- Erode finger, Cuddapah turmeric finger, Nizamabad turmeric finger, Aleppo turmeric finger, and Rajapuri turmeric finger.

We also offer turmeric finger bulp, turmeric finger sannam, turmeric finger curcuma, and turmeric finger bold. As a leading turmeric finger supplier and exporter in India, we are trusted for offering turmeric finger with all essential oils such as cineole, p-cymene, turmerone, and zingiberene. By choosing us for turmeric finger, you can rest assured that you are getting organic products with anti-inflammatory, anti-amyloid, and anti-arthritic properties. Touch base with us to get an obligation-free quote for bulk orders.

Product Name Turmeric Finger
Moisture 7% Max
Curcumin Content 3-5% Max
Ash 6.5% Max
Ash Insoluble 1% Max
Chromate Test Negative
Particle Size 100% Pass Through 80 Mesh
Packing 25 kg or 50 kg HDPE or Paper bag
Shelf Life 2 Years if stored Properly